We Lead the Ocean

Powerful Crane for
People & Eco Friendly

We contribute to social development and disaster prevention measures as a marine crane manufacturer by designing and developing products together with customers involved in marine and land development.
We are now the leading marine crane manufacturer in Japan, and our products are used in more than 30 countries overseas.
Our marine cranes are mainly used at the harbor areas. The port is an important place to protect people from natural disasters as well as a national trade gateway.
We will strive to be the leading company as marine crane manufacture and never stop continue to improve our products and provide better solution.

Our Strengths

  1. STRENGTH01 Over 60 years’ experience

    We have been manufacturing tough, functional and high-quality marine cranes for over 60 years. Since we founded in 1956 as Shikoku Kenki Kabushikigaisya (Corporation), we have developed marine cranes focusing on client’s needs as marine crane manufacturer. We always try to obtain higher expertise and provide the better products depending on clients’ demands of the time. In that way, SKK has been producing marine cranes which is suitable for many of marine constructions around the world.

  2. STRENGTH02 “Custom-Made” depends on your own needs

    SKK’s marine cranes are manufactured with thousands of parts by sophisticated skill. Each crane has unique features and no one is the same. Our products have been evolving through client’s requests and changing times. We will keep continue to manufacture better crane with our clients.

  3. STRENGTH03 Long Life Support

    At delivery of the new crane, we visit our client’s workplace and provide instruction of operations and trial run. Also, we carry out comprehensive inspection to your crane one year past. Moreover, repair service and parts replacement are also available on your request.

  4. STRENGTH04 Tadotsu Factory, the specialized factory for marine crane assembly

    The first Tadotsu factory was opened with private quay in Kagawa Prefecture in 1975. Second factory was opened in 1987 and third factory was also opened in 2019 to expand production capability. Our factory has one of the few places equipped with the best facilities for even larger marine cranes.

    Tadotsu Factory overview

    Tadotsu Factory overview

    Tadotsu First Factory

    Tadotsu First Factory

    Tadotsu Second Factory

    Tadotsu Second Factory

    Tadotsu Third Factory

    Tadotsu Third Factory

    Head office factory

    Head office factory

    Tadotsu Factory privare quey

    Tadotsu Factory privare quey

‘Disaster prone country’
Japan made
marine crane

Japan is a small island country surrounded by the sea. It geologically has many rivers as well as plentiful water resources. Japan has a lot of typhoons and heavy rains for a long time which always have risks of river floods and breakwater collapses.
However, we have built cities and lived along the waterfronts while developing port environment by marine construction.
Marine cranes play important roles in port maintenance in Japan, a natural disaster-prone country.
SKK is evolving the technology of marine cranes to meet the needs of clients who need various works from the perspective of port and marine constructions as well as natural disaster prevention. As a result, SKK cranes are being used for many marine works all over the world.


  • Large Type Marine Crane

    Large Type Marine Crane

    Crane with various functions needed for port construction, such as digging soil, lifting loads, driving piles into the seabed, etc.

  • Small Type Marine Crane

    Small Type Marine Crane

    Small type marine crane that is active in handling of sand, stones, and sediment. It is playing active roles not only in ports but also rivers and dams.

  • Other Products

    Other Products

    Other products for marine construction work by making use of marine crane design and manufacturing knowledge.

Unique Technology
and Know-how

First Ahead of the Industry Adoption of Torque Converter with Omega Drive

SKK (Former Shikoku Kenki Kabushikigaisya) is the first company adopted a torque converter with an omega drive in the 1970s. This is a mechanism that the lifting speed changes automatically to fit for the load different with the weight of the grabbing amount. It is not an exaggeration to say that since we developed this technology, SKK has developed to this day. This power shift system is improved continuously and plays an active part in the heart of SKK crane.

Torque Converter

Flat-Dredging Control System for Better Dredging Quality and Efficiency

The flat-dredging control system was originally developed to reduce the dredging sediment residue which was once different depending on the skill of operators. Using computer control, dredging work can be done with high accuracy in even depth but less of dredging sediment left. Not only does this device improve the quality of the dredging work, but it also helps to fatigue relief of operators. It is also one of the eco-friendly mechanisms against over-dredging.

Flat-Dredging Control System

Next-Generation Hybrid Grab Dredging Crane Developed with the Idea of Coexistence with the Earth

As regulations on gas and CO2 emissions are major issue, environmental measures are becoming important in the construction & machinery industry from the perspective of responding to SDGs. To meet with these requirements, the hybrid grab dredging machine system was developed. It is a mechanism to convert the falling energy into electricity at the time of lowering grab bucket, store it in the power storage device, and use the stored electricity to assist winding up grab. In the last five years, three grab dredging cranes equipped with hybrid systems have been shipped and are active in the world’s oceans.

Hybrid Grab Dredging Crane

Qualified Engineers
by NK
Nippon Kaiji)

A Qualified Engineer by NK (Nippon Kaiji)

Our engineers have various technical licenses include 23 qualified welders by NK (Nippon Kaiji). In addition, first-class machining engineers, electrical technicians, non-destructive inspectors, and qualified crane operators are working together to manufacture SKK cranes with the highest quality.

SKK Team ~Marine Crane Professionals~

  • Sales


    Propose the most appropriate marine crane model and its options to meet client needs.

  • Mechanical Design

    Mechanical Design

    Design powerful, strong marine crane to stands for tough environment by assembling thousands of parts and machines.

  • Electrical Design

    Electrical Design

    Design and develop various electrical systems to enhance operability and safety.

  • Procurement


    Purchase all necessary parts and materials on time, and managing process-control.

  • Quality Control

    Quality Control

    In charge of ISO. Carry out “quality patrol” and “product patrol” to maintain quality of products.

  • Manufacture (Head Factory)

    (Head Factory)

    Processing and machining materials one by one, and assemble the parts based on the drawings from technical department.

  • Manufacture (Tadotsu Factory)

    (Tadotsu Factory)

    Tadotsu factory has large processing machines for final assembling of large and heavy marine cranes.

  • Maintenance & Repair

    Maintenance & Repair

    Carry out crane inspection and supply spare parts to maintain long-life performance and safety.

  • Administration


    Supports employees as the backseat players from general affairs, accounting, public relations and human resources.

Be with the Local Community

We cheer up local community and people as company located in Kochi

The “Yokoseto local Group” was organized in order to make the Yokohama and Seto areas of Kochi City more lively.
Composed of mainly young members from SKK planning fun events for energize the local community.
We cooperate with local schools, companies and residents by providing events related to disaster prevention, career educations for junior high school students, job explanation and more as a company located in Kochi Prefecture. We open our parking lots for “Yokohama Kindergarten” on their sports days and parent’s days.
On Labor Day, kindergarten kids visit our head office to interact with us.

Community Activity Community Activity