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SKK is a manufacturer specializing in marine cranes. The cranes we manufacture are mainly divided into two categories: large type and small type.
Products group of large type marine cranes that are customized according to user’s needs among three functions: as a Grab Dredging Crane with the dredging ability to dig sediment underwater, a Floating Crane with the lifting ability to lift load and a Pile Driver to drive base piles for building a bridge at sea.
Among small type marine cranes as known as Marine Cranes that are active in cargo handling of sand, stone, and sediment, GDA series of four operation levers that have been favored by many shipping companies since our foundation, LEX series of two levers that are more easily to be operated, and the series of the third drum, which enable work both lifting load and dredging.
Since our foundation, we have been promoting product development together with our customers, and we have continued to build products that can highly perform in severe condition on the sea, and we have won a high reputation from our customers for the product performance and technical capabilities. Just by making use of our technological capabilities, our strength lies in that other than marine cranes we can manufacture products related to marine development as well.

Large Type Marine Crane

Tough, powerful, and high maneuverable crane for marine construction

Small Type Marine Crane

Working on the sea and dams for flood control construction

Other custom-made products for marine construction work

We have assembling factory with private quay at Tadotsu, Kagawa prefecture as well as the head factory in Kochi prefecture. Design and fabrication of other marine construction machines by making use of SKK know-how are available on your request.

Maintenance & Repair Service

SKK provides maintenance & repair service for all the clients who use our cranes. Feel free to contact us for safe use SKK cranes for a long period.

Maintenance is the key to run a crane in good condition and work safely on the harsh sea. We fully support our clients with repair, parts replacement, periodic maintenance and after sales support. SKK’s custom-made marine cranes are fabricated with thousands of parts and even more design drawings. Those drawings are precisely kept on file with crane serial numbers, the specific parts and service is available on your request.




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Head Office & Factory

1-3 Yokohama-Nishimachi, Kochi-City, Kochi, Japan 781-0242

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